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Acces to >3.000 A/B tests. That's a lot of testing to do on your own.
You are in control: filter best practices on pagetype, device and theme.
Save time and money: data-driven inspiration for your backlog in 1 database.
100% e-Commerce: all A/B tests have been conducted on e-Commerce sites.
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Feature Smart Filtering System

Filter best practices on pagetype, theme, device, complexity and channel

Our platform offers a smart filtering system for best practices such as page type, theme, device, implementation effort, and channel.

For example: you want to increase the conversion of your product page. You can filter by product page. Want to know all best practices about reviews? Filter on theme 'reviews'. It's that easy.

Feature Evidoo Rating (1)

Prioritizing is already done for you: use our Evidoo rating!

The Evidoo rating is given on a scale from 1 to 100. Each best practice is assigned a score within this range.

A higher score indicates a greater likelihood of increasing your conversion with minimal implementation effort. The rating is based on the following components: how many times the best practice has been A/B tested, the winratio, the impact on conversion and how many effort you need for implementation.

Best practices that receive a high Evidoo rating are labeled as 'recommended.' This label implies that the best practice is not only effective (high evidence), but also can be implemented quickly and easily (quick wins).

Feature Advanced Tips

Get advanced tips for applying our best practices to your e-commerce store

Each best practice comes with advanced tips for applying the best practice to your webshop. We offer you do's and don'ts based on 20 years of experience in e-Commerce optimization. By applying these tips you avoid common pitfalls and ensure optimal performance.

Feature Specific Industries

Find the best practices in your industry

Want to know what works and what doesn't for your specific industry? No problem: filter easily by your industry. We have more than 20 industries in our database. Also available for specfic B2B markets.

Feature Understand The Why

Understand the why behind the data

All best practices in our database are grounded by theories from consumer psychology. Through these insights, you will get a better understanding how website visitors make decisions. 

Feature Add To Favourites

Create your own backlog with best practices

Our tool offers you to create your own backlog with best practices by adding them to your favourites. Once you have implemented a best practice you give them the status 'implemented'. This gives you at any time the overview and save you a lot of time. 

What our customers say

We used Evidoo as a data source to apply proven conversion best practices in the redesign of our international webshops. We realized 47% increase in conversion and we keep optimizing. Must have tool for every e-Commerce store!
Foto Gert Van Doorn Faceretail
Gert van Doorn
Evidoo helps us to realize our conversion KPI's and saves us a lot of time. We use Evidoo as a vital resource for our backlog. Every month we receive new data-driven inspiration. Must have for every e-Commerce site!
Arlette Huisman
Arlette Huisman
We significantly improved our conversion KPI's. This CRO knowledge base gives you instant access to +20 years of experience in e-Commerce optimisation. Evidoo keeps providing us with data-driven inspiration for our A/B test backlog.
Bert Middendorp
Bert Middendorp
e-Commerce Director
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