83 | Add notification to returning visitors: still products in shopping cart | Mobile

Last updated:03 June 2024
First validation:22 Jun 2022
Last validation:22 Jun 2022
Visual Website (Mobile) #83@2X
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A/B test results
Evidoo rating78
Number of A/B tests3
Win ratio100 %
Loss ratio0%
Average impact KPI+ 6.1%
Effort to implement:Medium
Industry:Fashion & Shoes
Short description

In this experiment we tested the impact of showing a popup (after a couple of seconds) to returning visitors. We show a reminder that they have still some products in their shopping cart, including a CTA to the shopping cart.

Tips for applying to your webshop
Do you offer free shipping? Add a free shipping message in the popup.
Apply this if your visitors need several days to make a purchase and return to your website often (e.g. bikes, laptops). For products like medicines and flowers, the impact will be minimal.
Personalize your message with 'Hi [name]' to returning visitors who are logged in.
Don't show the popup over and over again in one session. Your visitors should not get annoyed.
Don't show a popup that blend in too much with the site's design, as it may be overlooked.
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