58 | Add most important USP's | Mobile

Last updated:22 April 2024
First validation:21 Jan 2019
Last validation:01 Jan 2022
Experiment 34
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A/B test results
Evidoo rating74
Number of A/B tests4
Win ratio100 %
Loss ratio0%
Average impact KPI+ 6.2%
Effort to implement:Low
Industry:Fashion & Shoes, Telephone & Internet, Furniture & Home
Short description

In this experiment we tested the impact of animating the unique selling points (USP's) on top of the homepage.

Tips for applying to your webshop
What makes you unique? You have to found out first.
Be always clear about your shipping costs, delivery time and return policy.
Choose max. 5 and animate them one by one. Show your most important USP first.
The USP's on the homepage are different on your productpage or in your checkout. This might be confusing for your website visitors. It is very important to be consistent on all pages through the entire customer journey.
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