139 | Change the sticky header to a semi-sticky header (dissapears down and reappears up) | Mobile

Last updated:01 May 2024
First validation:01 May 2022
Last validation:23 Oct 2023
Visual Website Mobile 139 2X
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A/B test results
Evidoo rating72
Number of A/B tests8
Win ratio50 %
Loss ratio12.5%
Average impact KPI+ 3.4%
Effort to implement:Medium
Industry:Electronics, Health & Beauty, Pets
Short description

In this experiment we tested the effect of changing a sticky header to a semi-sticky header on a mobile device. A semi-sticky header disappears when the user scrolls down and reappears when a user scrolls up.

Tips for applying to your webshop
Implement semi sticky headers: increase visibility of the content when scrolling down and increase visibility of navigation and key actions like menu and cart when scrolling up.
Do optimize all interactive features: If you're making a feature more prominent, ensure it functions excellently to avoid negative impacts on user experience.
Don't clutter the mobile user interface with too many elements, as this can overwhelm users and detract from the overall experience.
We found an increase in internal site usage. Don't apply this if your internal search does not perform well.
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