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meet the founder of Evidoo:

Jurjen Jongejan

Jurjen has 20 years of experience in eCommerce optimisation. He is a best-selling author, strategist and popular keynote speaker on user experience and conversion optimisation. Jurjen is also an entrepreneur. At valantic he founded an award-winning CRO & online marketing department. Jurjen and his team have advised more than 500 webshops on CRO. In addition, Jurjen and his team have been nominated for the 'Experimentation Heroes Awards' for the 6th time in a row. Therefore he is being recognised as one of the thought leaders on conversion optimisation worldwide.

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Introducing Evidoo: your shortcut to validated conversion best practices
Every e-commerce business thrives on one fundamental question: What are the best practices for maximizing my online shop's conversion and revenue? At Evidoo, we don't just answer that question. We back it up with solid evidence.

Our mission
Our mission is to empower e-commerce businesses with actionable A/B test results and learnings that lead to tangible growth. We believe that in the world of online shopping, every click counts and every decision can be optimized. Our mission is to provide you with the learnings and insights you need to make the most of every webshop visitor.

Power of A/B testing
To ensure you get actionable insights, we dive deep into the realm of A/B testing. Not just one, not two, but thousands of A/B tests have been performed. The conducted A/B tests teaching us something valuable about online shopping behaviors, preferences, and patterns. Our experiment library is an unmatched treasure trove of knowledge.

Knowledge as a Service
In this dynamic world, static solutions don't cut it. Evidoo's subscription model ensures that you receive continuous updates, insights, and advice. Every month, you're not just paying for data. You are investing in curated, updated, and refined knowledge that translates directly into results.

Come grow with us!
Are you ready to take your webshop to the next level? Let's turn your visitors into customers!

Advantages of using Evidoo

Increase your e-commerce revenue

Our clients achieve 10 - 40% higher conversion by implementing our best practices.

Save time and money

You have instant access to the world's largest A/B test database for eCommerce.

Make decisions based on data

You have access to >3.000 A/B tests. Conducted by award winning CRO agency valantic.

Always stay ahead of your competition

You will receive new best practices and tips in your mailbox every month.

What our customers say

We used Evidoo as a data source to apply proven conversion best practices in the redesign of our international webshops. We realized 47% increase in conversion and we keep optimizing. Must have tool for every e-Commerce store!
Foto Gert Van Doorn Faceretail
Gert van Doorn
Evidoo helps us to realize our conversion KPI's and saves us a lot of time. We use Evidoo as a vital resource for our backlog. Every month we receive new data-driven inspiration. Must have for every e-Commerce site!
Arlette Huisman
Arlette Huisman
We significantly improved our conversion KPI's. This CRO knowledge base gives you instant access to +20 years of experience in e-Commerce optimisation. Evidoo keeps providing us with data-driven inspiration for our A/B test backlog.
Bert Middendorp
Bert Middendorp
e-Commerce Director
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